Worldpay PrestaShop

Worldpay PrestaShop helps eComm businesses maximise transaction success, increase global reach and reduce risk and costs. This module is user-friendly so, it's very easy to use. Module is compatibility with HTML Redirect Integration Guide from V5.3 December 2015

  • Worldpay PrestaShop

Worldpay are pleased to partner with 3D Studio Prodution.

Worldpay are pleased to partner with 3D Studio Prodution for all your card payment needs.

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  • image - advertisement
  • password generator
  • test and live mode
  • label of payment
  • payment logs
  • order status: Complete and Cancelled payment
  • preview template
  • color selector
  • total - the checkout total the order must reach before this payment method becomes active
  • geo zone


in progress